get out of the rut - reach your potential

Do you own a business? Or does it own you?
You can be profitable AND have an abundance of time to live your life. Wayne will show you how.


see new things

It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the bottle, but a competent outsider can usually tell you what’s going on in no time at all. This is the value of surrounding yourself with someone who doesn’t face the same challenges every day that you do. Wayne will give you instant perspective on how you measure against the biggest winners in the industry, and build a plan to take you to the next level of profitability, and balance in your life and business.


avoid costly mistakes

Look back on your last 5 years and ask yourself; what would you do differently? Hindsight is always 20/20, but that’s an expensive way to grow; time is always more precious than money. Unless you have 20 years to spend, you’re going to want to leverage someone else who’s been there and done that. Wayne has, and he’s ready to be your guide around the dangers of the brokerage industry.


weekly focus

Knowing what to do is only half the battle. Doing it and measuring it is what separates the winners and the losers in this business. When you partner with Wayne, you will have no excuses. A weekly call guarantees that you stay focused on your next best step and that you never fall victim to the inevitable distractions of owning a business. Be a star player in your business by hiring a star coach.


"Thank you Wayne for being a crucial mentor to me as I opened my RE/MAX office. As a top producing agent coming to the world of broker/owner, I had my share of challenges. Your vast range of expertise with agents and brokerage psychology guided me through my growths period and help me better handle my team, hire new agents, manager and admin. You helped me become a better leader. Thank you."


"I had the opportunity to hear Wayne speak at RE/MAX Mountain States Retreat, he made a positive impression with his warm, gregarious nature, background with RE/MAX LLC, and as a past Broker/Owner. We have worked with Wayne for the past year. With his knowledge and guidance he has help us define our recruiting program and coach our Branch Brokers. It is a pleasure to work with a person who truly enjoys his career."

REMAX Metro/Associates

"The information he has provided myself and the brokerage is immeasurable!  His insight and experience continues to help me day to day with recruiting, retention and giving my agents a deeper understanding of why they are in business! Thank you Wayne!" 

RE/MAX Alliance Group, Gilbert, AZ

"We met Wayne several years ago at a conference. My brother and I liked his honesty, confidence and message so we decided to hire his company. We have been completely satisfied and recently brought Wayne to address the RE/MAX agents statewide in Rhode Island.  I highly recommend Wayne Fredrick as an outstanding coach."


“Wayne brings a “where the rubber meets the road” approach to coaching. He’s down to earth, very personable and communicates well. He’ll give you ideas that will work for you and your office! He’s done every job imaginable in a real estate broker’s capacity from running an office and recruiting to running a region. This gives him an uncanny knowledge of what we as brokers deal with.  Plus he has exceptional market intel on our competitors. The ideas I have learned from Wayne are priceless.”


“Working with Wayne as my coach absolutely changed my career. It was refreshing to talk candidly to someone that truly understood what we go through as Broker/Owners.  It was never “scripted” conversation, it was more like having a drink with someone that had experienced the same things as you. Wayne helped me execute some things in my company that I had procrastinated on for years….he encouraged me to push through my fears.  He became my most trusted confident; I am eternally grateful that he came into my life.”


"We love Wayne’s down to earth direct approach. His experience in the real estate industry is a true plus. He helped our team to achieve our best year ever!!" 



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