4 deadly sins of brokerage growth


the broker-realtor trap

When your time is divided, your energy is divided. When your energy is divided, you can’t fully execute a growth plan.


no recruiting strategy

If you’re relying on relational tactics for attracting agents, you’re definitely not getting enough, and you’re probably not getting the best.


ineffective training

More knowledge equals more influence. And more influence equals more sales. If your team isn’t growing, they’re dying!


no profit

Profitability is key to running a brokerage, but most brokers don’t “know their numbers”.  Wayne will show you the “numbers within the numbers” on what REALLY drives profit.

take the guess work out of your growth

You’re working your butt off. You’re trying everything you can think of to motivate your sales team. You’re networking between sales appointments, and you’ve thrown money at every shiny object in marketing. All this and your growth is still stagnant. Why?

These are the challenges Wayne has studied for over 20 years. Wayne has had a front row seat in creating some of the biggest winners in brokerage. His simple approach to growth can help you avoid catastrophic mistakes, and double down on what has worked for so many others.

are you asking the 13 essential questions

Your biggest enemy is failing to meet an expectation, but you can’t meet an expectation you’re unaware of. Jump inside the mind of your client with the 13 essential questions you should be asking every seller.

hire wayne to speak

There are two types of public speakers; the kind that come to sell, and the kind that come to help. If you’re looking for the former of those two, move along.

Do not hire Wayne for sales gimmicks, revenue splits, or upselling tactics. He comes to deliver change, and the people in the audience leave with tangible, proven methods for better results. If you have a group, big or small, that could use a boost, a fresh perspective, Wayne will deliver!


"Thank you Wayne for being a crucial mentor to me as I opened my RE/MAX office. As a top producing agent coming to the world of broker/owner, I had my share of challenges. Your vast range of expertise with agents and brokerage psychology guided me through my growths period and help me better handle my team, hire new agents, manager and admin. You helped me become a better leader. Thank you."


"I had the opportunity to hear Wayne speak at RE/MAX Mountain States Retreat, he made a positive impression with his warm, gregarious nature, background with RE/MAX LLC, and as a past Broker/Owner. We have worked with Wayne for the past year. With his knowledge and guidance he has help us define our recruiting program and coach our Branch Brokers. It is a pleasure to work with a person who truly enjoys his career."

REMAX Metro/Associates

"The information he has provided myself and the brokerage is immeasurable!  His insight and experience continues to help me day to day with recruiting, retention and giving my agents a deeper understanding of why they are in business! Thank you Wayne!" 

RE/MAX Alliance Group, Gilbert, AZ

"We met Wayne several years ago at a conference. My brother and I liked his honesty, confidence and message so we decided to hire his company. We have been completely satisfied and recently brought Wayne to address the RE/MAX agents statewide in Rhode Island.  I highly recommend Wayne Fredrick as an outstanding coach."


“Wayne brings a “where the rubber meets the road” approach to coaching. He’s down to earth, very personable and communicates well. He’ll give you ideas that will work for you and your office! He’s done every job imaginable in a real estate broker’s capacity from running an office and recruiting to running a region. This gives him an uncanny knowledge of what we as brokers deal with.  Plus he has exceptional market intel on our competitors. The ideas I have learned from Wayne are priceless.”


“Working with Wayne as my coach absolutely changed my career. It was refreshing to talk candidly to someone that truly understood what we go through as Broker/Owners.  It was never “scripted” conversation, it was more like having a drink with someone that had experienced the same things as you. Wayne helped me execute some things in my company that I had procrastinated on for years….he encouraged me to push through my fears.  He became my most trusted confident; I am eternally grateful that he came into my life.”


"We love Wayne’s down to earth direct approach. His experience in the real estate industry is a true plus. He helped our team to achieve our best year ever!!"